Game and Child

It is a good educational program for social, physical and conceptual development for children who play games in the park. They communicate with other children and learn to control their surroundings, learn about competition and entertainment.

About us

Vision Our vision is to become a global brand, that creates a difference in sector with the aim of achieving the high urban standards..
Mission Our mission is to stay a step ahead of our society’s needs and expectations for joyful and healthy environment without compromising security...

Introduction Film 2019


As Cemer, we have been manufacturing children playground equipment as well as urban equipment within 45.000 square meters with over 300 talented people in Izmir. Since we started to operate, quality and design have been our main priority. Our designs are implemented through not only tracing the new developments in the World, but also the changing needs of our children by time. Scientific researches on games and playgrounds have put forward the importance of free play for children of future to establish a physically and mentally healthy community. On the contrary, children today are spending the most of their valuable time either in front of computer or on mobiles which we know their bad attitude is going to bring out some disease and inconveniences in near future. In recent years, with increasing social awareness and the developing the social municipality perception, new designs which shall draw the children's attention to the playgrounds have come into prominence again. We have been aiming to meet all the needs of the sector even to be one step ahead by reserving 20 % of our income to R&D department where 30 talented people are working on many different innovative products for many years. In this catalogue, we have composed a variety of attractive playground equipment which have been designed and produced after considering its contribution to our children's mental and physical development. We have dreamed… Now, bringing it to life…

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Cemer always consider first; product and service quality, health and safety, environment safety and landscape beauty in all our production and installation processes,

We always focus on our customer’s needs and expectations in all activities in order to maintain full client satisfaction,

Cemer aims to provide continuing education and development for employees and technological developments, improving their health and safety awareness, increasing the environmental protection and sensitivity of them,

Determine the health and safety risks that threaten the environment and employees, educate and encourage these risks,

Taking preventive measures to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases,

Create a more liveable and clean environment, to make working environments more healthy and safe, to improve the quality of products and services,

For all activities; providing human, raw materials, work equipment and energy resources and to use these resources in the most efficient and safe way,

Destroying environmental pollutants at their source, using natural resources in a correct and efficient manner, ensuring the recycling and reuse of waste,

Aim to react fully comply with all legal requirements and regulations in our management system applications,

Aim to consider the needs and expectations of our stakeholders where we have adopted the management policy to set quality, environment, health and safety targets, and involve our employees and suppliers in all these activities.

Our Competitions

Competition Schedule
Announcement February 2014
Deadline11 July 2014 (4 August 2014 )
Award Ceremony: September 2014
Photo Galery

Competition schedule
Deadline : 30 September 2016, 17:00
Jury Review : 14-15 October 2016
Award Ceremony: 24 March 2017
Photo Galery

Competition schedule
Deadline : 26th June 2020
Jury Assessment : 4-6 September 2020
Award Ceremony: October - November 2020

Competition schedule
Deadline : January 15, 2019, 17:00
Jury Review : 9 - 10 February, 2019
Award Ceremony: -

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